Using A Standard Will

What Are The Potential Risks You and Your Family Face By Having and Using a Standard Will?

If You died yesterday, are you confident your basic Will is enough to support your current family situation.

Who Will Look After Your Children?

Who will look after your children with the same love, care and attention that you give them. Without nominating the best person, your children could suffer a double blow of pain and heartache


We do not support the deliberate deprivation of assets for the purpose of funding for care. However, we do support the fact the if care is required, your loved ones should get the best support available. Do you want to have a say how your spouse is cared for if required or leave it in the hands of a third party who could care less?


If your children marry and subsequently divorce, your hard earned assets that you would have expected to pass to your children and grand children may not pass to them at all, or perhaps your wealth and assets get's passed to another family all because of a failure to plan and mitigate family risk.

Creditors or Bankruptcy

With a simple will, assets are not protected for the next generation they way you think.
If your children run into financial difficulty with creditors or worse, bankruptcy, the inherited estate will be affected and potentially lost altogether. Is this what you want?

Vulnerable Beneficiaries

If you have children or loved ones that are considered vulnerable or disabled, a basic will does not allow for the complexities that can arise with providing adequate care and support neither does it take advantage of any tax relief reserved for vulnerable beneficiaries.

Sideways Disinheritance

Due to poor planning or no planning, the inheritance that you expected to go to your loved ones ends up being directed to someone else, disinheriting the ones you truly love. Even worse, you have no voice to correct the matter.

Other Factors Why You Should Consider Reviewing Your Basic Will?

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What Type of Will Do You Need To Protect Your Family?