A series of educational products developed by the Owner and Founder of ONCE EPP, Richard Ansah to promote self learning and increase Financial Literacy.

Masterclass Events & Training Events Coming Soon

  • The Purpose & Power Of Creating and Owning a WIll – The PSquared Wills Program
  • Inheritance Tax Masterclass – Part 1 – The Basics
  • Inheritance Tax Planning: How to Mitigate Inheritance Tax for Estates Under £2m (For Non -Married Couples & Single People)
  • Inheritance Tax Planning: For Couples with Estates Less Than £2M (Who are married or in A Civil Partnership)
  • Reducing or mitigating Taxes for Residential Landlords & Investors
  • The Asset Protection Workshop
  • What You Need To Know About Trusts (that your professional Adviser may have failed to tell you)
  • finishing well – making important decisions for your legacy