The Story of ONCE Wills and Trusts

The Story of ONCE Wills and trusts

Meet The Founder, Richard Ansah, TEP

Richard is a Registered Trusts and Estates Practitioner (abbreviated TEP) and a Full member of STEP (The Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners).

ONCE Wills and Trusts Limited was originally known as ONCE Estate Planning Practitioners which was founded in 2019. Richard is also the founder of Wealth Guardian Education (an online Financial Education Company specialising in wealth education and financial literacy regarding money creation & Loans, debt, banking and trusts) established in 2009.

Richard is a financial education expert who specializes in offering financial literacy training to individuals and families. With over 21 years of experience in the financial industry, Richard has helped thousands of people to manage their finances and build wealth.

Richard was also an avid property investor and owned upto twenty-eight properties at his peak. Being from an Engineering background, Richard is a natural problem solver and critical thinker.

Richard has been married to his sweetheart, Tracey, for over 23 years and has two teenage children.

Financial Ignorance is Expensive

Financial education is a subject that needs to be taught in schools but never seems to meet the agenda for one reason or another.

Understanding how the ‘money game' truly works, gives us at ONCE Wills and Trusts, an impetus to really provide full education to the clients and families we serve. Richard is famous for saying ‘Learn the rules of the game and then learn to play the game better'

Most familes work hard and do their best based on what they know or think they know. But you don't know what you don't know and financial ignorance is very expensive.

It's time to learn to be your own bank and it starts with getting the right knowledge and information to make the best choice to protect your wealth and your family.

A Passion for Asset Protection and Generational Wealth

We teach our clients that ‘Wealth is not how much you make in your lifetime, but more so about how much wealth is kept (and passed on to the next generation)

Planning a legacy, far into the future requires the right type of planning and advice. We value flexibility over certainty to give options.

We don't just understand trusts and asset protection, we love what we do to help you solve your wealth challenges and protect your future generation's legacy.

Changing the Narrative

The financial world in which we live is complicated at best. By equipping business owners and professionals just like you, who desire to give their children the best, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to pass on the wealth baton with as much of your wealth as possible whilst protecting their best interests for the future.

Our Story

Over the years.

As a 27 year old PhD Student at Leeds University, purchased our first property in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Moved to London and started a graduate job with a major UK Bank working with financial advisers & Mortgage Brokers. It was also the start of super low interest rates and early pre-credit crunch property boom

I decided to drop the PhD program I was on at Leeds Uni, having passed my Viva with major corrections, and realising I wouldn't be pursuing a career in Engineering, I decided to pour all of my energy into my first business venture. One as a broker and one as a property invester. This was also the year my first child was born

I built a thriving business quickly and just as fast as I built it, I had to liquidate and lay off staff. The Credit Crunch was here and I got hit badly. My first valuable lesson in money creation, debt bubbles and asset protection. This was the year I founded Wealth Guardian Education – teaching others nt to make the same financial mistakes I had made.

Probably the worst year of my life, but lots of valuable lessons learned. I quickly understood the UK Debt industry inside out, dealing with bailiffs, courts (property repossessions), nefarious solicitors and then being made bankrupt by a particularly nasty and aggressive creditor. In these days you only had to owe more than £750 to be made bankrupt not £5000 under the present rules.

After 10 years of teaching financial education, chaning my mindset, salvaging my marriage and desire to do, be and have more, I established ONCE (Own Nothing Control Everything) Estate Planning Practitioners to help families protect their assets and pass down wealth to future generations in the right way.

Onwards and upwards, assisting families through education, financial planning, tax planning and Estate Planning. Enabling parents and business owners to think ahead and prepare a financial legacy for their loved ones and family

Our Mission

We will provide 5000 families with a strategic generational wealth plan by the end of 2025 because no one should have to pay more tax than is necessary and every child in our community deserves to have a financial head start in life.

Inheritance Tax

We provide a bespoke Inheritance Tax Planning Service to help you plan for the future and pay as little of this tax as humanly possible…ideally non at all.

Trust Tax Planning

We are experts in Trusts and Trust Planning. We provide you with the best advice so wealth is preserved for for your loved ones on your terms

Estate Planning

We provide flexible solutions to ensure your wishes are adhered to. Your hard work should be preserved to give loved ones the best head start possible.

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