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This type of Estate Planning is essential as it allows you to take control over your affairs and away from the control if the government (Intestacy rules)

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You Know You Need A Will And Keep Putting It off For ‘Tomorrow'

You have heard enough horror stories of what happened when friends and loved ones didn't get their Will sorted on time, and you feel tormented and stressed knowing it's got to get sorted out

You may not have fortunes to give to your loved ones, but you want to make sure nothing will get in the way of their gift from you

Without The Appropriate Type of Planning and Best Advice You Could Be Exposing Your Family and Loved Ones To A Situation You Didn't Plan For…

Most if not all of these scenarios can be avoided if you put the right plan in place

Who Will Look After Your Children?

Who will look after your children with the same love, care and attention that you give them. Without nominating the best person, your children could suffer a double blow of pain and heartache

Probate Delays

Probate can be a very timely process, most situations that arise in probate can be avoided with the the correct type of planning and strategic guidance

Lack of Control

Without a Will, you run the risk of dying Intestate and your estate and assets would be subject to the government rules of succession rather than your own wishes. Those who you would want to benefit may lose out

Family Disputes and Arguments

Spouses and Children have the right to contest an estate if they believe they have not been benefited equally. This can cause major delays and expense. without professional advice

Digital Assets Protection

It is possible to have more digital assets than traditional tangible assets. Without a specific digital legacy plan, you run the risk of losing access to vital information that your loved ones may benefit from.

Sideways Disinheritance

Due to poor planning or no planning, the inheritance that you expected to go to your loved ones ends up being directed to someone else, disinheriting the ones you truly love. Even worse, you have no voice to correct the matter.

A Simple But Powerful Low Cost Solution

The Online Estate Planning Solution allows you to draft your will in your own time at your own pace. The facility is designed to guide you along the right path to make sure you have the best Will for your current situation.

We will even check it over for you and get it bound and delivered to you upon request

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A Unique Online Estate Planning Service

The Perfect Solution for Non-Complex Wills for those who need the best advice and solution perfect for their Situation at this stage of life


Robust Estate Planning Available To You Online

Get Your Affairs in Order

The sooner you take action, the early you get to enjoy having peace of mind and focus on living your best life. Take the Online Quiz now to see if you qualify for the online Will service

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Lasting Powers of Attorney Available

Our new online Wills Portal, will also allow you to organise Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) just in case you are ever effected by a loss of mental capacity.

Learn More about LPA's

Qualified Lawyer to Review Your Finished Docs

Once You finish the online questionnaire and complete your Will, you may request for one of our qualified team to review your your will before it is drafted.

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Digital Asset Vault Included

Everyone who gets an online Will drafted with us or through our expert Professionals, will qualify for a Digital Assets Portal

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Like You,

We Believe

Your Assets should be protected for your family and loved ones to enjoy for multiple generations.

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I was extremely happy with the service I received from [ONCE Wills and Trusts]. It's difficult to plan for your own death but you made the process much easier
5 star rating
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There was never any question left unanswered. [ONCE Wills and Trusts] explained everything so you had full understanding
E Garvey
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Your information was clear and answered the specific things I was asking for based on my current level of understanding
Michael O
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How Much Does It Cost?

Standard Will


Standard Will, including additional Guardianship and/ or Pet Clauses if required.

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Mirror Wills


For Married Couples, this is our price for online Standard Mirror Wills (No Hidden charges or surprises)

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Lasting Powers of Attorney(LPA)


Pricing per LPA Document. Property and Finance and Health & Welfare LPA's

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By taking the quiz you will find out your wealth score and what type of planning is recommended for your situation


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based on your wealth score, you may be recommended to book a consultation with a Specialist Adviser


Get Started With Your Online Estate Planning

Once you have your consultation, you will be provided with a bespoke plan of action ready for you to implement

FAQ's regarding Get Your Will Sorted Online Wills Service.

Yes, our online facility is completely safe. The online services is fully encrypted and password protected. If your concern is whether you are getting the right type of Will, this is the reason why we will not provide access to the software unless you satisfy our strict criteria. As long as you complete the questionnaire accurately, then we are totally confident you will be getting the best advice if you have been recommended to use our online Wills facility.

We have personally developed a robust questionnaire that will ask you questions specific to your situation (very similar to having a free consultation with one of our advisers). Based on the results, we will then show you the best recommendation for your specific needs.

Once you complete the online Will, if you are still unsure, you can opt for us to manually check your documents for a small, additional fee. Our Senior Private Wealth Adviser is a Registered Trusts and Estate Practitioner and accredited by STEP (The Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners) and bound by their Will Writing Code, as well as the Society of Will Writers and Estate Practitioners (SOWW) and bound by their code of conduct.

Depending on the type of mistake, you can easily amend the document if it's a typo or change of beneficiary or Executor.

If it's a mistake that has been discovered after a long period of time (more than 1 month) then we reserve the right to charge a small fee to update any types or make any changes.

The documents can all be generated very quickly. It will take a few minutes – provided you have the necessary information and know exactly who you want to make a beneficiary or legatee (recipient of a specific gift). If you are undecided or waiting for further information, then it could take you a bot longer to complete.

Once complete the Will/ LPA will be drafted swiftly and saved to PDF standard ready for you to print and bind. You may also opt for our binding service and we will complete the binding service for you also.

We are confident that all of the heavy lifting and complication has been removed so you can focus on drafting your Will and/ LPA

What Type of Will Do You Need To Protect Your Family?

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