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Digital estate planning is important
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What Is A Digital Asset?

Digital Estate Planning is an essential aspect of managing one's digital assets for the future. It involves making arrangements for how your online accounts, digital files, and other digital properties should be handled after your death. In our increasingly digital world, where we conduct a significant portion of our financial, personal, and social activities online, having a plan for these assets is as important as planning for physical assets.

A well-thought-out digital estate plan can ensure that your digital legacy is preserved according to your wishes and can also prevent potential legal issues for your heirs.

The process of digital estate planning involves identifying all your digital assets, which can include everything from social media accounts, emails, digital photos, blogs, cryptocurrencies, and online banking accounts, among others. Once identified, you need to provide instructions about what should happen to these assets. Some may need to be deleted, some may need to be transferred to heirs, while others might need to be archived. It's also important to provide necessary access information such as usernames and passwords but in a secure manner.

There are personal digital assets and business digital assets. The list below are examples but are not exhaustive:

Examples of ‘Personal' Digital Assets…

  • Any Information or data stored electronically
  • Online Accounts (includes but not limited to Banking, utilities, email, betting, social media etc…
  • Virtual currency i.e. Bitcoin and other crypto.
  • Domain names, blogs, websites etc
  • Intellectual Property/ Personal Profiles
  • Any digital assets owned by a business such as:
  • Computer hardware (intangible) i.e. files, docs, spreadsheets, passwords to digital information
  • Online accounts including business banking, crm systems, branding assets, reports
  • Company email, cloud services, social media, digital platforms
  • Domain names, cms systems and websites, client history, email lists etc.

Examples of ‘Business' Digital Assets

Do You Know What Happens To Your Photos and Passwords when you die?

Engaging in a discussion about death might not be the most cheerful ice-breaker, but it's a subject that can't be overlooked, particularly in today's digital era where we possess a growing number of digital assets. As our lives become increasingly enmeshed with the digital realm, the necessity for a comprehensive digital estate plan becomes more critical than ever.

The thought of never being able to look back at treasured family photos or relive holiday memories through videos can be deeply distressing and devastating. These digital mementos often act as tangible links to our past, and losing access to them can feel like losing a piece of our history and identity.

The emotional turmoil associated with such a loss can be further intensified by the realisation that this situation could have been avoided with proper planning and communication. The regret and disappointment that come with the realisation that preventative measures could have been taken if only you had been informed earlier can cause significant emotional upheaval. It highlights the need not just for creating a digital estate plan, but also for ensuring that your loved ones are informed and prepared to manage your digital legacy.

Why Is Digital Estate Planning So Important?

It's a fact that none of your relatives will be able to access your phone, computer, cloud storage, or email accounts without the passwords… There's even legal precedent that even with your permission, from your will, your executors will not have an automatic right of access. Digital Estate Planning is extremely important consideration when discussing any element of asset protection, succession planning or estate planning in general.

Further information regarding the importance of digital assets and why they should be considered during planning can be found in the following article by STEP (The Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners),

Take Control of Your Future, Now!

You've taken the time to sort out your traditional assets, what about the digital assets, protect your loved ones, leave no stone unturned.


How do they cancel your Mobile Phone Contract? How do they access your work or business email? How do they email your clients?

Photos and Videos

Do you have captured memories on your devices that your family and loved ones would cherish to have? Videos, Holiday memories, Weddings, Birthdays, Special Events?

Special Care Instructions

What's your special family ingredients for that ‘secret' recipe? What are your children's allergies? Where does your dog love his walks?


Do you have important legal records or digital Assets (i.e. Crypto/ NFT's) Private Keys stored on devices? These are impossible to access without the correct logins.

Personal Messages

Record videos or write letters for loved ones. Letting those who are closest to you know how much they mean to you is a great way to preserve precious memories

Legal Documents

Make sure copies of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and other important legal documents are available and the locations of the ‘original documents' made available to prevent days of searching

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How Secure Is Your Information?

The security of your digital assets is maintained using triple layers of encryption, and separate lock and key principals.

Each user's data is encrypted between their computer and the server (SSL) of our supplier – BePrepared then individually encrypted by the app, and lastly encrypted on the database.

Should any section of the infrastructure be attacked or hacked, your data is still safe, as the key is spread over separate application resources.

In addition to all of the above, every single time you choose to login, a special code is messaged to you to use alongside your password (special authentication) so a hacker even with your login details would not be able to gain access.

Military Grade Encryption

Our security measures are second to none, offering Military Grade Encryption for every user. This encryption isn't just a singular wall of protection; it's a fortress. We employ three layers of encryption, forming a triple barrier against any potential breaches. This level of security is akin to that used in military and governmental operations, ensuring your data is safeguarded with the highest standard of protection available.

You Are in Full Control

Empowerment and convenience are at the heart of our service. That's why we've designed our Digital Vault to be downloaded natively onto your computer, putting you in complete control. No more relying on an internet connection or logging into third-party sites. Your assets are available right there on your desktop, ready to be accessed whenever you need them. It's your data, your way.

One Stop Shop

We strive to be your comprehensive solution, a true One Stop Shop for all your digital asset needs. Our service is designed to cater to all types of digital assets, eliminating the need for multiple storage solutions. Whether it's business-related files like presentations and spreadsheets, or personal assets like photos and documents, our Digital Vault can store them all. We understand that in this digital age, your personal and business lives often intersect, and we've created a platform that seamlessly accommodates both.

Easy Access

Despite the implementation of robust and stringent security protocols designed to safeguard your information, the system has been expertly engineered to ensure that accessibility remains uncomplicated. This balance ensures your data is protected, while still providing you with a user-friendly experience for easy access when you need it.

Cost Effective

With the comprehensive and all-encompassing service that we provide, there will be no need for you to seek out any additional digital asset management services. Every client of ONCE is treated with the utmost respect and importance, which is why we offer our top-tier digital asset vault at no additional cost. This isn't just a promotional offer, but rather, a testament to our commitment to ensuring that every client receives the best possible service, without incurring any hidden fees or charges.

Complete Peace of Mind

In this modern era, where the significance of leaving a digital legacy is rapidly increasing, you now have access to a comprehensive tool that makes managing your digital afterlife not only possible, but also straightforward and secure, ensuring your memories live on.

what's the fail safe using this sytem?

Here's How The Process Works (To Protect What's Yours)

A secure way of making sure your digital assets can be accessed at the appropriate time. (When a death event occurs)

We Are Alerted

One of your confidants (someone who you trust and elect to have certain access) or your lawyer, let's us know of your passing via the Digital Vault.

We Attempt To Get In Touch

The Digital vault is coded to get in contact with you (the owner) to check the validity of the claim (of a death event)

We Check When You Last Used Our systems..

The Digital Vault is also programmed to check when you last logged in and any activity that may have taken place. Again to verify validity of the claim of a death event.

If You Can Not be Contacted…

All of your confidant's, will be contacted (if there is no response from you) Ideally, to verify independently that a death event took place.

If Your Lawyer…

Is connected to your account, they will also be required to verify if a death event has occurred before any private digital assets will be released as per your terms

By Unanimous Agreement…

Once everyone connected to the account has been contacted and there is absolute agreement by all concerned, only then shall your data be released.

Assets after death

How Do We Know If A Death Event Has Taken Place?

  • In the context of digital estate planning, a death event is typically confirmed through official documentation such as a death certificate. This is usually provided by the deceased's next of kin or executor of the estate. Digital estate planning platforms often have protocols in place where they require such proof before granting access to the deceased's digital assets to the nominated confidants.
  • The process may also involve a waiting period to prevent fraudulent access and to ensure that the death has been correctly reported. It's important to note that the specifics of how a death event is confirmed can vary by service provider and jurisdiction, so it's always best to review the terms and conditions of your digital estate planning platform.

Who Can Access My Digital Vault?

In our Digital Vault, your privacy is paramount. You are the sole guardian of your vault during your lifetime, maintaining exclusive access unless you specifically delegate access to a confidant – someone you trust and nominate to access your private digital information when necessary. Unless you set up such an event, no one else can peek into your vault. And even after a death event is confirmed, stringent protocols are in place to ensure that only your designated confidants can access the information. It's not just a vault; it's your personal safe haven in the digital world.

We understand that different situations call for different levels of access. That's why our Digital Vault allows you to control how much or how little your confidants can access. You dictate the terms, and we provide the flexibility. Once you nominate a confidant, they will be given their own access to our software, absolutely free of charge. This way, they can assist in managing your digital assets as per your specifications, while maintaining the integrity of your privacy and control. It's a digital safety net, tailored to your needs.

As your dedicated Lawyer/Private Wealth Advisor, we are able to upload crucial documents such as copies of your will, trust documents, and more to your Digital Vault. However, in line with our commitment to your privacy and autonomy, we will not have sight or access to any other documents or assets you have stored in the vault unless you specifically grant us that access. This ensures that your confidential information remains just that – confidential. You have our services when you need them, and your privacy when you don't. It's your vault, your rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is digital estate planning important?
In an age where our lives are increasingly interconnected with the digital world, we gather a wide variety of digital assets that hold both financial and emotional value. Without a well-thought-out digital estate plan, these assets could be permanently lost, leading to emotional distress for your loved ones. Furthermore, dormant digital accounts can become prime targets for identity theft and cyber fraud, making digital estate planning not just a matter of legacy, but also of security.

What types of assets are included in a digital estate plan?
A digital estate plan covers a broad spectrum of online assets. This not only includes social media profiles, emails, blogs, digital photos, and videos, but also extends to online banking accounts, digital music and book collections, domain names, and digital currencies. Essentially, any form of property that exists in a digital format can be considered part of your digital estate.

How do I create a digital estate plan?
The creation of a digital estate plan involves several steps. Begin by inventorying all your digital assets, including login details. Then, decide on the fate of each asset following your death — whether it should be transferred, archived, or deleted. It's also wise to consult with a legal professional to ensure your plans are both enforceable and compliant with privacy laws.

Who should I entrust with my digital estate?
Choosing a digital executor — someone to manage your digital estate — is a decision that requires careful consideration. This could be a trusted family member, a close friend, or a professional executor. It's essential that this person is not only trustworthy and understands your wishes, but is also comfortable navigating the digital landscape.

Can I include my digital estate plan in my will?
Including your digital estate plan in your will is possible, however, due to the public nature of wills, it's advised not to include sensitive information such as passwords directly. Instead, provide a secure location where this information can be found by your digital executor.

What happens if I don't have a digital estate plan?
Without a digital estate plan in place, your digital assets risk being lost forever. This could cause emotional distress for your loved ones and leave unattended digital accounts vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. Thus, creating a digital estate plan is an integral part of modern estate planning, ensuring your digital legacy is preserved and protected.

How Do You Get Access To A Digital Vault?

All of our Private Wealth Clients Receive Access To The Vault for life, Free of Charge

Once we are instructed to draft documents on your behalf or you utilise one of our services where estate planning is required, then you will automatically eligible for access to a ONCE Wills and Trusts Digital Vault Service Free of Charge which is part of our commitment to embrace digital estate planning.

As a complimentary resource, click the link to download a copy of the STEP Digital Estate Planning Checklist / inventory for you to start thinking about all of the potential digital assets you possess and should start thinking about protecting.

Digital Estate Planning

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