Protect The Family Wealth

Estate, Tax and Financial Planning Advisory Services focused on long-term solutions to safeguard family wealth.

What Are The Risks You and Your Family Face if You Do Not Get Started with a Plan to Protect The Family Wealth?

If You died yesterday, are you confident your basic Will is enough to support your current family situation.

Who Will Look After Your Young Children if you die?

Who will look after your children with the same love, care and attention that you give them. Without nominating the best person, your children could suffer a double blow of pain and heartache

How will care be paid for if required

We do not support the deliberate deprivation of assets for the purpose of funding for care. However, we do support the fact the if care is required, your loved ones should get the best support available. Do you want to have a say how your spouse is cared for if required or leave it in the hands of a third party who could care less? With forward planning the Family wealth can be protected.


If your children marry and subsequently divorce, your hard earned assets that you would have expected to pass to your children and grand children may not pass to them at all, or perhaps your wealth and assets get's passed to another family all because of a failure to plan and mitigate family risk.

Creditors or Bankruptcy

With a simple will, assets are not protected for the next generation they way you think.
If your children run into financial difficulty with creditors or worse, bankruptcy, the inherited estate will be affected and potentially lost altogether. Is this what you want?

Vulnerable Beneficiaries

If you have children or loved ones that are considered vulnerable or disabled, a basic will does not allow for the complexities that can arise with providing adequate care and support neither does it take advantage of any tax relief reserved for vulnerable beneficiaries.

Sideways Disinheritance

Due to poor planning or no planning, the inheritance that you expected to go to your loved ones ends up being directed to someone else, disinheriting the ones you truly love. Even worse, you have no voice to correct the matter. Result – no family wealth protection

Maximum Financial Protection for Yourself and Loved Ones Is Important to You

Not having a strategic plan in place is causing anxiety and confusion due to lack of clarity and direction – you want to protect the family wealth but not sure where to start.

Financial ignorance is expensive, it feels like a deliberate trap not knowing what is the best solution to protect your family and loved ones.

Protect The Family Wealth

We Leave No Stone Unturned With Your Estate Planning

We believe that financial education is absolutely crucial for the promotion and perpetuation of family generational wealth. So we make it a priority to educate you every step of the way.

We have recently acquired a military grade digital vault service to help our clients protect their digital assets and pass them on to their loved ones with ease, without confusion with maximum security and reliability.

Every Will we provide shall also get access to a private, secure digital vault at no extra charge.

We do not sell wills and trusts, pensions, investments or company administration. We provide solutions and planning. A Will is a tool, a Trust is a tool . It's the purpose of their use that is important and so we operate on a consultative basis with our clients to make sure the advice given is line with your goals.

The legal world can be confusing and the internet is a blessing. The challenge is that without direction; how do you know if the information you received applies to you or not? Just leading to frustration and confusion.

We aim to provide you with complete confidence in our ability to give you the best advice. Our principal Private Wealth Adviser, Richard Ansah TEP, is a Regulated Trust and Estates Practitioner with STEP. All Private Wealth Advisers are required to constantly grow and improve their knowledge so we as a team can give you confidence and peace of mind in our advice and service.

We believe that every family has the right to transfer wealth in a protected and directed way. Without the appropriate education, most families would have no idea how to obtain maximum protection of their wealth and shielding from financial threats not just in their lifetime bit also their children's lifetime and beyond.

Are You A Business Owner?

We've Got You Covered!

Do You Have An Exit Strategy?

If you operate a partnership structure or have multiple shareholder/ directors within your business, do you have a succession plan and Business Will?

Inheritance Tax Planning for Business Owners

There is very valuable tax relief available for businesses, are you set up to maximise this opportunity and protect the family wealth?

Residential Property Developers

So you own a property portfolio. What happens to it when you pass away? Have you got a game plan to Protect The Family Wealth?

Like You,

We Believe

Your Assets should be structed to protect the family wealth and loved ones to enjoy for multiple generations.

Protect The Family Wealth

Our Clients Love Us…

“I never considered the importance of making a will until I realised that my children were at risk of being placed in social care if anything should happen to me”


“Richard has a professional and pleasant working manner. He goes above and beyond and explains everything to the minutest detail”


“Knowing little about Inheritance Tax, we consulted [ONCE Wills & Trusts]. [They] Investigated our circumstances comprehensively and with great thoroughness and care.

D. Carrington

“We Found [ONCE Wills & Trusts] to be very knowledgeable and competent in [their] field which is very reassuring”

Selvin & Jennifer

“In just over a week from the initial meeting, a Will containing trusts is now in place. It's a relief to know these things have happened. Thank you very much for what you have done. It's a Relief.”

C. Moore

“I was extremely happy with the service I received from [ONCE Wills and Trusts]; It's difficult to plan for your own death but you made the process much easier.”


Protect The Family Wealth | ONCE Wills and Trusts
Protect The Family Wealth | ONCE Wills and Trusts
Protect The Family Wealth | ONCE Wills and Trusts
Protect The Family Wealth | ONCE Wills and Trusts
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Ready To Move Forward?

Here's The Next Steps…


Take The Quiz

By taking the quiz you will find out your wealth score and what type of planning is recommended for your situation


Organise a Consultation

based on your wealth score, you may be recommended to book a consultation with a Specialist Adviser


Have a Full Plan of Action

Once you have your consultation, you will be provided with a bespoke plan of action ready to protect the family

At ONCE Wills and Trusts Limited we know you are the kind of people who want to become financially savvy parents. 

In order to be that way, you need to protect the family assets from unforeseen wealth threats and pass down wealth generationally and strategically. 

The problem is that you desire maximum financial protection for yourself and your loved ones. The lack of knowledge and vast amount of information,  makes you feel confused and overwhelmed resulting in lack of clarity, with no direction or strategy to move forward.

financial ignorance is expensive, and the lack of education and exposure to this knowledge almost feels like a setup. 

We believe the family wealth should be protected and loved ones can enjoy the benefit of generational wealth planning. It's not an opportunity only reserved for the Uber wealthy.

That’s why we have advisers who are qualified to the highest standard to help you make an informed choice over your financial affairs, and have also assisted with over £6M worth of assets being ringfenced to date, in order to protect and direct their wealth.

Here’s how it works – 

Step one: Take the Quiz and establish the lowest hanging fruit of attack of your assets i.e. Inheritance Tax. By establishing your current position, we can help you with the next move. 

Step 2: Based on your result, we will provide you with simple instructions of what to do next, which may involve speaking with a Private Wealth Adviser if your situation is complex and/ or you have a large estate to consider.

Step 3: Once you have had your consultation you will receive your Strategic Family Wealth Preservation Plan. With this plan you will be certain of your next steps and be in a position to implement them steps quickly and efficiently.

So you can stop being worried about paying too much Inheritance Tax and start enjoying peace of mind and maximum protection from wealth threats

The Right Type of Will Can Help To Protect The Family Wealth?